There’s a certain charisma, a certain depth, a certain je ne sais quoi about this artist. You can hear it in his lyrics, his voice, you can feel it in his vibe and see it in his eyes. A thinker, an artist, a free spirit and an undeniable energy. When asked about his musical purpose, he says, “To make the personal universal. To elevate the listener beyond his situation to a higher consciousness of the world around them or to just make them say, “Man, I can really relate to that, would ya turn that sh*t up please?!”

He turns a mirror to the world through his frank commentary on world issues as well as revealing his own experiences with life, love and even the most common and mundane moments that we all share. He’ll tell you that the “mundane is full of treasures. As a writer, that’s where you’ll find the nuggets… the little things that we all go through.”